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Shepherd's Stories

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Shepherd's Stories                Asaf Sirkis Trio                   Stonebird Productions   SBPT003

Asaf Sirkis : drums
Tassos Spiliotopoulos : electric and acoustic Guitar
Yaron Stavi : electric bass
Sylwia Bialas : voice
Gareth Lockrane : flute
John Turville : Fender Rhodes

For Shepherd’s Stories, the latest album from the Asaf Sirkis Trio, the drummer engages the help of guitarist Tassos Spiliotopoulos and bassist Yaron Stavi to continue his quest to find the connective tissue between music and the human soul. This seasoned world/jazz/fusion trio is as good as any currently playing. With nary a traditional drum solo within earshot, Surkis’ rhythmic foundations provide the fertile framework needed for forays of great depth from his trio mates and sublimely  effective turns from guest stars vocalist Sylwia Bialas, flute player Gareth Lockrane and, on Fender Rhodes, John Turville.  Shepherd’s Stories evokes memories you didn’t realize you had.  The album is due for official release on July 17 (2013). I strongly recommend you add it to your music library.