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We are very proud of our daughter Anna who is a fine musician. She will be performing locally (Natick, MA) on Friday May 23  at the Berklee College of Music sponsored Rock Off Main Street at TCAN. The doors open at 7 P.M. Anna is the first act of the night. For those near Natick, discount coupons are available so that the show will cost only $7.00  You can copy and print out  tickets which appear below the poster. To get the discount, you must use the coupon with Anna's name on it for each ticket you purchase.  We hope to see you there!

Print out the above coupons and bring with you to TCAN in Natick, MA to receive a discount. (One each for each ticket.)


I am working on a new and exciting project :-) Details soon.

                      With Sandra Bernhard.

                With my wife Hatty and Christopher Cross.

My exclusive Guitar Channel interview with Carlos Santana can be seen here.

Be on the lookout for Asaf Sirkis' latest album, Shepard's Stories. Official release date is July 17, 2013.

I had the great joy of hanging out with John McLaughlin and the 4th Dimension after the band's recent show in Boston.

Pictured with John
McLaughlin are myself, musician Marco Anderson and renowned economist Anant Sundaram.

                     The 4th Dimension's amazing keyboardist Gary Husband.

The remarkable percussionist Ranjit Barot.

                                    The Cameroonian bassist Etienne M'Bappe.

I highly, highly recommend Wolfgang Schalk's remixed and remastered "The Second Third Man"... and not just because I wrote the liner notes! Wolfgang is one of the finest and most creative guitarists we have. Add legend Michael Brecker and a fine band interpreting Schalk's provocative compositions and you have a wondrous result! I would not lie to you...
Buy it here.

With Larry Carlton after his TCAN show in Natick, MA.

One day before the Marathon bombing in Boston, my daughter and I had the chance to go see the great Hiromi only a few blocks away from the potential disaster. Needless to say,  two events couldn't have been further apart in intention than these.

I have been so busy, I have not had time to write any new reviews. However, an album has come to my attention that I must point out to you for your consideration. I have written a shortened review because of time constraints:

Conduit, guitarist Greg Diamond’s latest album is aptly named. A swirling solution of disparate styles and genres flows all through this music. Diamond can lay down husky bebop lines, sound like a nasty Carlos Santana or play it gentle. (And that is just on the first 3 tunes!) Saxophonists Seamus Blake and Brian Hoggins, pianist Mike Eckroth, bassist Edward Perez, drummer Henry Cole and conga player Mauricio Herrara are more than worthy compatriots in the non-homogeneous mixture that will have your head on a swivel one moment and your heart in your hand the next. Conduit does not fit easily into any category except really good music. Check out Greg's website.

The phenomenal Gary Husband appearing in
Cambridge, MA as part of Billy Cobham's 40th Anniversary Spectrum band.

The great Billy Cobham, after his recent show just outside of Boston, telling me
what it is.

My new eBook, the 2013 Special Edition Power, Passion and Beauty: The Story of the Legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra has finally been released!

With the awesome California Guitar Trio. Wonderful guitarists, wonderful guys and wonderful to work with. Along with the Montreal Guitar Trio, they brought the house down at TCAN tonight!
— with Hideo Moriya, Paul Richards and Bert Lams.

It is always a pleasure to hang out with my good friend, the extraordinary drummer Dennis Chambers. Here we are after a recent Santana show in Boston. Dennis had just wowed the crowd with 3 hours of finesse and power.

With Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Felix Cavaliere after
his recent knockout solo show at TCAN in Natick, MA.

The fantastic fusion duo Montana Skies opened for The Turtle Island Quartet recently at TCAN in Natick, MA. Guitarist John and cellist Jenn impress with their musical choices and thrilling virtuosity. It doesn't hurt that they know how to work a stage either! Go see them.


Featuring the first ever performance of a new line-up, original founders
violinist David Balakrishnan and cellist Mark Summer led the acclaimed Turtle Island Quartet through a rousing set of Hendrix, Chick Corea and John Coltrane tunes as only this Grammy award winning classical string group could. When David announced the new members, a Polish violinist and Danish viola player, had only been practicing with TIQ for 2 or 3 days, the audience at TCAN in Natick, MA were incredulous. (I'll have to wait to see the new players' names in print before I attempt to spell them :-) )  !

I just interviewed Steve Howe, the legendary Yes guitarist, for my upcoming updated Mahavishnu Orchestra eBook!

I spoke with drummer Carmine Appice after a fantastic performance with Vanilla Fudge at TCAN. What a nice guy! I learned that his two all-time favorite bands are The Police and The Mahavishnu Orchestra.

I have an article at the Guitar Channel about the 40th Anniversary of the rise of the Mahavishnu Orchestra! Go to

The exceedingly gifted guitarist Raul Mannola has a new album out. The album,
Inner Visions of Flamenco, features both acoustic and electric guitars to produce a unique flamenco amalgam. Read about Raul, his new album and tour here

It was a real pleasure to be speak with Ian Patterson of allaboutjazz. The results are found in this in-depth interview.

I acted as guest blogger at Read the blog here.

I heard the great bass player Tony Grey and his band at the Regattabar in Cambridge.  Read more about this remarkable musician and his new album at his

Yet another fantastic review! I am so touched. This time out, the legendary rock critic and author Steven Rosen takes a turn. Read here.

Ian Patterson of loves the book! Read here.

A rave review from Guitar International! Read

I was on Tom Gagliardi's Philadelphia radio and Internet show. As usual, had a great time. The interview is archived here!

I point you to drummer Asaf Sirkis’ latest album Letting Go which  is marked by cerebral melodies played as cosmic echoes. Sirkus’ trio takes his finely honed compositions and sets them free to dance upon a universal landscape.