Jan 19  -  Woolsey Hall. New Haven, CT.  (Not sponsored by Yale.)

(Timothy Wood and Kevin Garrity)

Jan 21  -  Philharmonic Hall. New York City, NY. Leo Kottke supports.

(Mark Chapman)

Jan 24  -  Le Grande Theatre. Quebec City, Canada.   Riversong supports? 
Jan 25  -  Place Des Arts. Montreal, Canada.   Riversong supports?

Jan 26  -  Convocation Hall. Toronto, Canada.  Riversong supports?

Jan 27  -  Century Theatre. Buffalo, NY.  Aerosmith opens. King Bisquit Flower Hour radio program recorded.

Jan 28  -  Sunya Gym. Albany State College. Albany, NY. The Albany Symphony opens.

Feb 2    -  Haas Center for the Arts. Bloomsburg State College. Bloomsburg, PA. Aerosmith supports.

Feb 9    - 
Hopkins Center. Dartmouth College.  Hanover, NH. 2 shows.

(Laura Schieb)

 Feb 10  -  Ferris Athletic Center. Trinity College. Hartford, CT. Aerosmith supports.

Feb 11  -  Jorgensen Hall. University of Connecticut at Storrs, CT. Leo Kottke supports.

Feb 14  -  Ford Auditorium. Detroit, MI. Jo Jo Gunne and Aerosmith open.

Feb 15  -  Western Illinois University. 2 shows. Cancelled. (Appears to have been rescheduled for Feb. 21).

Feb 15  -  Student Union Auditorium. University of Toledo. Toledo, OH.

Feb 16  -  Fieldhouse. Kenyon College. Gambier, OH.

Feb 17  -  Adelbert Gym. Case Western Reserve University.  Cleveland, OH. Aerosmith bumped - equipment was late.

                                                                                                         (Chris Dixon) 
Feb 18  -  Kinetic Playground. Chicago, IL. Aerosmith opens.

Feb 20  -  NEC Convention. Cincinnati, OH. Showcase 20 minute set for concert bookers.

Feb 21  -   Western Illinois University. 2 shows. Rescheduled from Feb 15.

Feb 22   -   Bananafish Garden.  New York, NY.  ABC's "In Concert" taped. Video.

Feb 23  -  Bailey Hall. Cornell University. Ithaca, NY.  2 shows.

Feb 24  -  Franklin Pierce College. Rindge, NH. Martin Mull also appears.

Feb 25  -  Gym. SMU.  N. Dartmouth, MA.  James Cotton opens. (Replaces Larry Coryell.)

                                                            (Judith Farrar - UMass Dartmouth Historical Archives)

Feb 27  -  C.W. Post Auditorium. C.W. Post College.  Greenvale, NY.  Mark-Almond supports.

Mar 3    -  A. A. Henninger Athletic Center. LeMoyne College. Syracuse, NY. Supported by Tarika Blue.

Mar 9    -  Mayser Center. Franklin and Marshall University.  Lancaster, PA. Good Guy opens.

Mar 10  -  Constitution Hall. Washington, D.C. David Blue opens.

   (Steve Applegate)

Mar 11  -  Orpheum Theatre. Boston, MA. 2 shows. Rick Roberts opens.

Mar 16  -  Felt Forum. New York City.  Gentle Giant Supports. Jerry’s Birthday. James Taylor brings cake on stage.

Mar 17  -  Elting Gym. SUNY at New Paltz. New Paltz, NY. Larry Coryell (with Foreplay) supports. 2 shows.

(Anthony Carvino and Matthew Laudicina)

Mar 18  -  Tyrone Guthrie Theater. Minneapolis, MN. Black Angels from the St Paul Chamber Orchestra opens.

Mar 19  - 
Stock Pavillion. University of Wisconsin.  Madison, WI. Mr. Brown supports.

 (Mark Chapman)

Mar 20  -   Albee Hall. University of WI - Oshkosh. Oshkosh, WI. Sick Man of Europe opens (Early Cheap Trick)

Mar 21  -  Fieldhouse. Beloit College. Beloit, Wisconsin. Sick Man of Europe supports.

                                                                        (Kevan Peterson)           (Fred Burwell)

Mar 23  -  Winterland. San Francisco, CA. Captain Beefheart and Tranquility support.

Mar 24  -  Winterland. San Francisco, CA. Captain Beefheart and Tranquility support.

Mar 25  -  Paramount Theater. Portland, OR. Taj Mahal supports. (Back-up singers are The Pointer Sisters).

Mar 26  -  Paramount Theater. Seattle, WA. Taj Mahal supports. (The Pointer Sisters) (Taped for TeleRock) Video.

(Phil Hirschi)

Mar 27  -  Civic Auditorium. Santa Monica, CA. The Section supports. (Sklar, Kunkel, Kortchmar, Doerge)

Mar 28  -  Granada Theatre. Santa Barbara, CA. Robbie Basho opens. ?

(Mark Chapman)

Mar 30  -  Celebrity Theatre. Phoenix, AZ. The revolving stage caused havoc to the sound.

(Mark Chapman)

Mar 31  -  Auditorium. Palo Verde High School. Tucson, AZ.

Apr 2  -  Ebbets Field. Denver, CO. Supported by John Martyn. Radio broadcast.


Apr 3  -  Ebbets Field. Denver, CO. Supported by John Martyn.

Apr 5 -  Armadillo World Headquarters. Austin, TX.

Apr 6  -  Armadillo World Headquarters. Austin, TX.

Apr 7  -  Majestic Theater. Dallas, TX.  Tufano & Giammarese open. Former members of The Buckinghams.

Apr 8  -   ABC Theatre. AKA Santa Rosa Theatre. Houston, TX.

Apr 14  -  Woods-Brown Amphitheatre, American University Washington D.C.  BloodStone supports.

Apr 16  -  Michigan State University Auditorium. East Lansing, MI. (Cancelled).
Apr 20  -  Hampton Coliseum. Hampton Roads, VA. John Hammond supports.

(Ted McCallion)

Apr 21  -  American Legion Memorial Stadium. Charlotte, NC.  Allman Bros., Brownsville Station, Wet Willie, more.

(Johann Haidenbauer)

Apr 25  -  Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Columbus, OH.

(Mark Chapman)

Apr 26  -  Thiel College. Greenville, PA

  (Archives Thiel College)

Apr 27  -  The Capitol. Passaic, NJ. John Hammond supports? Steele Eye Span opens?

                                                                              (Johann Haidenbauer)

Apr 28  -  The Spectrum. Philadelphia, PA. With Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. John Hammond opens.

Apr 29  -  Ahmanson Theatre. Los Angeles, CA.  Louden Wainwright III and Anthony Newman open.

(Ted McCallion)

May 1    -  Kent State. University Kent, OH. Shared bill with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.

(Ted McCallion)

May 2    -  The Coliseum. Indianapolis, IN. Shared bill with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.

(Ted McCallion)

May 4    -  Maple Leaf Gardens. Toronto, Canada. W/ Frank Zappa and the Mothers. The Good Brothers open.

May 5    -  War Memorial Auditorium. Rochester, NY. Shared bill with Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.

                                                                                                                      (Greg Provost)

May 6    -  Field House. Hunterdon Central High School.   Flemington, New Jersey.

May 9    -  Morris A. Mechanic Theatre. Baltimore, MD. Urch Perch supports. (2 shows.)

May 11  -  Milwaukee Arena. Milwaukee, WI.  w/ Zappa and Mothers. John Hammond opens replacing Townes Van Zandt.

                                                                 (Kevan Peterson)                    (Kevan Peterson)

May 12  -  Cobo Arena. Detroit, MI. Shared bill with Frank Zappa and the Mothers. John Hammond opens.

May 13  -  University of Cincinnati. Cincinnati, OH. With Frank Zappa and the Mothers. Sandy Nassan opens.

                                                                                                       (Todd Remmy)

May 17  -  Palace Theater. Albany, NY.
May 18  -  Nassau Coliseum. Uniondale, Long Island, NY. w/ Frank Zappa and the Mothers. Leo Kottke opens.

                                                                         (Elliott Sears)

May 19  -  Palace Theatre. Waterbury, CT. Leo Kottke supports.

May 20  -  Providence Civic Center. Providence, RI.  w/ Frank Zappa and the Mothers.

May 25  -  Lowell State College. Lowell, MA. Merkwood opens?

May 27  -  Darien High School. Darien, CT. CANCELLED. Superintendent said concert would be too "high risk."

Jun 2    -  Concertgebouw. Amsterdam, Holland. This was a midnight concert.

Jun 3    -  Rheinhalle. Dusseldorf, Germany.

Jun 5    -  Musikhalle. Hamburg, Germany.

Jun 6    -  Philharmonie. Berlin, Germany. (Audio rigged to blare over Berlin Wall into E. Germany. Thanks Elliott Sears.)

(David Sukovaty)

Jun 7    -  Kongresshalle. Stuttgart-Boeblingen, Germany.   

Jun 8    -  Kongresshalle. Frankfurt, Germany.

(Reinhold Preuss)

Jun 9    -  Circus Krone Bau. Munich, Germany.

(Roland Hofmann)

Jun 11-12  -  Kongresshaus. Zurich, Switzerland

Jun 13  -  Olympia Bruno Coquatrix. Paris, France.  
Jun 14  -  Bataclan.  Paris, France. Filmed for the French TV show Pop 2. Video missing.

Jun 17  -  Free Trade Hall. Manchester, England. Support by Jaki Whitren.

(Johann Haidenbauer)

Jun 18  -  Kelvin Hall. Glasgow, Scotland. Support by Jaki Whitren.

Jun 19  -  City Hall. Newcastle,England.
Support by Jaki Whitren.

 (Mark Chapman)

Jun 20  -  Town Hall. Birmingham, England. 
Support by Jaki Whitren.

(Ted McCallion)

Jun 21  -  Colston Hall. Bristol, England.  Support by Jaki Whitren.

  (Colin Harper)

Jun 30  -  Rainbow Theatre. London, England.   Support by Jaki Whitren. (It doesn't appear Rod Crisp played per poster.)

                                                                            (Colin Harper)                      (Elliott Sears)

Jul 13  -  Montreal Forum. Montreal, Canada. Section supports.

Jul 14  -  Civic Center. Ottawa, Canada. Section supports.

Jul 15  -  Pavillion de la Jeunesse. Quebec City, Canada. Section supports?
Jul 21  -  Lenox Arts Festival. Lenox, MA.
Flutist Sushil Mukherjee subs for The Section. (Thanks Mark Lawrence.)

                                                                                                          (Mark Chapman)

Jul 23  -  Schaefer Stadium. Foxboro, MA. Supporting J. Geils Band.

Jul 27  -  Sportsdrome. Jeffersonville, IN. Mahavishnu and Frampton's Camel open for J. Geils.

Jul 28  -  Alpine Arena. Pittsburgh, PA.
Aug 1  -  Johnson Gymnasium. University of New Mexico.   Albuquerque, New Mexico.  ? 
Aug 3  -  Ellis Auditorium. Memphis, TN. The Marshall Tucker Band supports.

(Ted McCallion)

Aug 4    -  War Memorial Auditorium. Nashville, TN. Marshall Tucker Band opens.

Aug 10  -  Wendler Arena. Saginaw, MI. Support by The Section?
Aug 11  -  Civic Auditorium. Grand Rapids, MI.  Support by The Section.
Aug 12  -  Morris Civic Auditorium. South Bend , IN.   Support by The Section.
Aug 13  -  Memorial Auditorium. Kansas City, MO.   Support by The Section.
Aug 14  -  Southern Illinois. University Edwardsville, IL.

(Mark Chapman)

Aug 15  -  Ohio State University. Mershon Auditorium. Columbus, OH. Danny Windgran opens.

Aug 17  -  Central Park. NY, NY. Between Nothingness & Eternity recorded. John Hammond opens.

Aug 18  - 
Central Park. NY, NY. Between Nothingness & Eternity recorded. Wet Willie opens.

Aug 25  - 
Merriweather Post Pavilion. Columbia, MD.  Mahavishnu cancels. McLaughlin/Santana tour starts Aug 26.

(Chris Dixon)

Sep 19  -  Shibuya Kokaido. Tokyo, Japan. 

                                                                                            (Chris Dixon)

Sep 20  -  Kosei Nenkin. Kaikan Dai Hall. Osaka, Japan.

(Ted McCallion)

Sep 21  -  Kosei Nenkin. Kaikan Dai Hall. Osaka, Japan.

Sep 22  -  Shimin Kaikan Dai Hall. Nagoya, Japan.  
Sep 24  -  Kaikan Daiichi Hall. Kyoto, Japan.

Sep 26  -  Yubin Chokin Hall. Hiroshima, Japan.  
Sep 28  -  Budokan Dai Hall. Tokyo, Japan.

Oct 7     -  Colden Auditorium. Queens College. Flushing, NY. John Fahey opens.  
Oct 10   - 
Carmichael Gym. University of North Carolina.  Chapel Hill, NC.

Oct 11  -   Wait Chapel. Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, NC. Mark-Almond supports.

Oct 12  -  Spectrum Theatre. Philadelphia, PA. Paul Butterfield and Better Days open.

Oct 19  -  Music Hall. Boston, MA. Pousette-Dart String Orchestra opens
. (Thanks Craig Seufert.)

Oct 20  -  The Capitol. Passaic, NJ. Mark-Almond Band opens.

Oct 25  -  Morrell Gymnasium. Bowdoin College. Brunswick,ME. Duke and the Drivers support.

Oct 26  -  Student Union Ballroom. University of Massachusetts.  Amherst, MA.

Oct 27  -  Alumni Hall. Providence College. Providence, Rhode Island. (Did the show happen?)                   

Oct 28  -  Woolsey Hall. Yale University. New Haven, CT.

Oct 30  -  Auditorium. Chicago, IL.

Oct 31  -  Uihlein Hall. Performing Arts Center.  Milwaukee. WI.

Nov 1    -
Hallenbeck Hall. State College. St. Cloud, MN.   T.S. Henry Webb opens – (ex-members of The Flock)

Nov 2    - Orpheum. Minneapolis, MN. T.S. Henry Webb supports. 2 shows.

Nov 4    - University of Colorado at Boulder. Mackay Auditorium Boulder, CO. 2 shows.
Nov 7    - Palace Theatre. New York, NY. Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert taping. Video1.  Video2.

Nov  9  - Celebrity Theatre. Phoenix, AZ.

Nov 10  - UCSD Gym. University of California at San Diego. San Diego, CA. Section supports? 2 shows.

Nov 11  -  Long Beach Arena. Long Beach, CA. Section supports.

Nov 12  -  The Roxy. Los Angeles, CA. The section opens. Thousands turned away from Roxy nightclub.

Nov 13  -  The Roxy. Los Angeles, CA.  The Section opens.

Nov 15  -  Del Mar Theatre. Santa Cruz, CA. 2 Shows.
 (Ted McCallion)

Nov 16  -  Berkeley Community Theater. Berkeley, CA 2 Shows. The Section opens.

Nov 17  -  Paramount NW Theater. Seattle, WA.

Nov 18  -  Paramount Theater. Portland, OR.  

Nov 21  -  Municipal Auditorium. Atlanta, GA. Papa John Creach and Argent support.

Nov 22  -  Bayfront Center. St. Petersburg, FL. Papa John Creach and Argent support. Food Fight!

Nov 23  -  Seminole Turf Club. Casselberry, FL. Papa John Creach and Argent support.

Nov 24  -  Jai Lai Fronton. Miami, FL.

Nov 28  -  Hofstra University. Hempstead, NY. Raun McKinnon supports.

Nov 29  -  Cornell University.  Barton Hall. Ithaca, NY. Weather Report supports!

Nov 30  -  Dillon Gym. Princeton University. Princeton, NJ. Chick Corea and Return to Forever supports!

Dec 1    -  State University of New York at Oneonta. Oneonta, NY. (Cancelled due to gas crisis!).

Dec 2    -  Constitution Hall. Washington, D. C. 2 shows.

(Steve Applegate)

Dec 8    -  University Gym. Fairfield Univ. Fairfield, CT. Papa John Creach opens. Host Don Imus. Geraldo Rivera appears.

 (Fairfield University Archives. Elise D. Bochinski).

Dec 27  -  Philharmonic (Now David Geffen Hall). New York City, NY.

(Mark Chapman)

Dec 28  -  Philharmonic (Now David Geffen Hall). New York City, NY.

Dec 29  -  Toledo Sports Arena. Toledo, OH.

Dec 30  -  Masonic Temple Auditorium. Detroit, MI. The last concert given by the greatest band that ever was.

                                    (Beth Pavlik)